This could change your life.

let's keep it simple.

I like to set aside a block of time - 90 minutes - for us to drop in together.

We don't have to use the whole time. We may actually go over, if we like.

The point isn't to see if we like each other, to see if "it's a fit."

The point is to be brought alive together, two souls meeting along the journey.

Perhaps all you need is the one conversation to get what you want. Lovely.

Perhaps you desire to work together for a longer period.

It doesn't really matter.

My intention is to offer you my full-on attention, curiosity and passion - for 90 minutes. Or for a few months, or for a year or more. To serve you as powerfully and as completely as I can for our time together - brief as it may be. 

I am always grateful to have a conversation in that vein - no matter the outcome.

So please, feel free to schedule some time with me (the scheduler below links right to my calendar). I absolutely relish the opportunity to meet a new soul and learn more about your story.